This is my sister Veronica she's drinking...Sex with an alligator
I think that's what its called. I thought it was gross!!!!

Ashley Veronica and Me!!! Yeah we are pretty messed up!!!
You've got to Love the Patron!!!!!

This was before they took the shot of Bubble Gum Vodka. LoL!
That stuff was soooo good:D
Has anyone ever tried that...if so what's it called?

Veronica and I.
Before the Sex with an Alligator drinks!
Before the Bubble Gum Vodka.
Before the Patron!
Before the Monster Nachos.
Before the Super Hot Wings!!!

 All that was left of that night were these pics and a really bad hangover that morning!!!!!  Mexicans!!! That's how we do, BABY!!!!!

From: [identity profile]

Did you drink the Three Olives brand of Bubble Gum Vodka? It's just called "Bubble." I tend bar and we have a shot called the Bazooka Bomb that is Bubble dropped into Sprite. It's delicious. Tastes like drinking Double Bubble. Looks like you had a great night.

From: [identity profile]

I think I did have Three Olives. My co-worker gave me the sex with an alligator I hated it. What do they put into the drink? I had a wonderful time!

From: [identity profile]

Great pics, you all had lots of fun by the looks of things:) I'll come with you next time, now I know what you look like lol, so cute,,later Jx

From: [identity profile]

Yes! Come with! We would so get messed up an talk about BK all night long!!!! I usually hate taking pics because I always come out looking funny.

From: [identity profile]

Looks like a very good time was had!
Great pix
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...hope it's filled with what you desire!
later x

From: [identity profile]

Hey Sandra!! Yes we had a wonderful time!!! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes it was a great day!!! I friended you back!!! Yay! I love making new QaF friends!!!! *hugs*


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