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( Oct. 29th, 2008 11:52 pm)
For those of you on my F*list who love QaF.  Take a look at my QaF paintings!!! I was finally able to get the third piece, it arrived today! Take a peek!  All three pieces were done by the wonderful and talented Sarah Spalsbury.

QaF Paintings )

I am at work and it is 10:59am. Since probabbly April or May of this year I have a new obssesion!! QaF it is all that I think about!! B/J!! Most of all the always beautiful Brian Kinney!! He has overtaken my mind. I don't have much room to think about anything else. So much so that I have gotten behind on my work and have piles and piles of paperwork to get to, but I can't seem to get to it.  My mind is filled with the fanfics that I am currently reading whenever I have the smallest chance. The QaF fandom, fanfics, and anything else that involves this has taken me away from the other fandom that I so much used to enjoy, which was the BBM fandom.  Don't get me wrong I still enjoy passing through the BBM forums and reading the stories that I enjoyed reading but I just don't do it as much because QaF has overtaken me!! I don't know what to do anymore. I write this in the hope that it will help me clear my mind just a bit or at least for a couple of hours so that I can get some of my work done!    


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