At work
Cell rings.
Me: Hello?
Guy: Is this Sara
Me:(who the hell)  Yeah. Who is this?
Guy: My name is Xavier Perez I'm calling from Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital(recieving a phone call from a hospital is never good) I think you should get here right away!
Me: *Gasp* Why?!!!!!
Guy: *Pause* Your mother just got hit by a car.
Me: Veronica (my sister) my mom got hit by a car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We both run out of the office. Man on the line long forgotten.
Drive to the hospital longest 5 minutes of my life! Just praying please, please God let mom be alright!
We both ran from the hospital parking lot to the ER. When we get there they tell us that only one person can see her. My sister tells me Sara go see her. I just look at her.  I don't want to leave her because I know she will have to wait. Waiting when its a situation like this can me unbareable for a person. They lead me through corridors and then we stop in front of the door. I go in and I see her(*sobs*  *wipes away tears* pulling myself together, I need to finish this) lying there neck brace on eyes closed and looking so pale.
Me: Mom? *caresses her hair* Mom?
Its me I'm here now. *she opens her eyes*
She grabs my hand and squees. I have never felt such a reassureing touch like I did at that moment. I knew then that she would be alright.
A lot of tests were done. Not one bone in her body was broken. *Somebody up there must really like her. *Her leg is grossly bruised and badly scraped (it will look worse tomorrow). We brought her home ,gave her some pain meds for her leg and put her to bed. Her snoring is so comforting right now, she's alive!!!!!!!!!!!
At 2:39pm I felt my heart sink.
It all felt so surreal. This can't be happening to me! To her!
I kept it together all afternoon.
It is now 12:10pm I can't help but welcome the emotional meltdown.
Tomorrow will be a better day!


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