Ouch!!!! )I was coming out of the school where I did my voting, and being the klutz that I am I FELL!!!!!!!!
Does it look painful?  Well shit- it did, it fucking HURT!!!!
I have always been very clumsy and throughout my life I got used to falling, but I haven't fallin in years.
I'm okay now the pain is gone. But if this going to leave a scar Obama better win!!!!
My friend and co-worker was making fun of me!

Ashley: HaHaHa! You got so excited over Obama and you tried to run out the door and tell the world but no...YOU fell!!!
Me:Shut up it fucking hurts!
Ashley: Hey! Does it look like an "O"? HaHaHa!!
Me:*Dial Tone*

So yeah! IT had to happen to me!

BTW: Does Anybody know what can help minimize scarring? I hate scars!!!


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