I wanted to thank my beautiful, awesome f*list for all the birthday wishes!!!!

[info]sandra_qaf  and[info]libertysfic thank you for the birthday wishes!!! 

[livejournal.com profile] liseron  I got your email.  Mireille thank you!  I hope you are doing better. *hugs you tight*

[personal profile] sexy_pumpkin thank you for the vg! I love the BK pic. I love him so much!  But I guess you already knew that!  *hugs* Thanks Jackie:D

 [info]carmenmariabsgracias, gracias por todo. Carmen a sido un dia lindisimo!!! Wow. Primero la postal de Ibizia. Me encanto:D  La tarjeta virtual, el pastel virtual!!!  Las rosas rojas!!!  El osito con las rosas en mi pagina! I love it! Te mando todo mi amor!!! *besos*

I had a wonderful day!!!  It was filled with good wishes from family and friends.  I had cupcakes this year instead of cake.  My mother cooked me a special dinner it was great to have all family there.  They even gave me beautiful red roses and had them delivered to my work.  That was a complete surprise. A wonderful day indeed!!!!  My f*list made my day sooooo much better!!!!!!!
All My Love To All~[personal profile] redrose_7272




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