Shit. It hurts to know that you cannot trust ANYONE!!!!!!! I fucking hate myself sometimes for being so damn trusting! I thought I had a friend. I don't. She is trying to harm me in the workplace. I don't suspect it, I know it! Not by a co-worker, not by a supervisor,but by the head honcho. Boss man! He warned me be very,very careful! He called me into his office said: This,this,and this was said! It felt like a slap to the face!!!!!!! He knows that I am (was) very, very close to this person. I have not said anything to this person and I will not say anything! I will continue to see her come in talk to me, hug me! She has even eaten at my table! I welcomed her into my house and trusted her!!!!!! I feel like crying!!!! I will just keep quiet and act like I know nothing! I now know what lies beneath the sweet smile and hug.

So My Dear F*List on this Thanksgiving Holiday where we are supposed to be thankful for everthing and everyone in our lives I am. I am thankful because I can weed out the not-so good people in my life. I know who surrounds me. I am off now to stuff myself with turkey lunch with my fellow co-workers.



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